Construction.jpgBuilding a yacht is an exciting experience: from the very first idea about building your new yacht, right through to launch, Aganlar Yacht will ensure this complicated and technical process is very much part of the joy of owning a yacht.

We work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers, designers and project managers for every new build. We are actively involved with some of the world’s most exciting new yacht construction and yacht refit projects. We represent our client’s interests ensuring.


Design.jpgFor us, design is an art to develop things that work, not just making pretty but useless makeover. Any successful design of boat is a reasonable compromise among: the appearance, safety, performance, comfort, and cost.

Success of design is measured by merit of compromise reached in satisfying these-sometimes controversial-qualities. Thus design is not just a picture; it is a complex solution of aesthetical and technical task. In our practice, design is a complete set of plans, calculations and specifications ready for manufacturing.


Engineering.jpgThe Division of Engineering is one of the most versatile departments of our Team. This department does cover a very wide range of skills dedicated to yachts in all sizes: constructed from steel, aluminum, composite, wood or any combination. This team has all the knowledge and skills to make clever construction designs which are efficient to build. The output of this department can vary from basic construction or assembly drawings to very detailed, 3D supported, and building kit packages.

Boat Repair.jpg

Boat Repair

Aganlar Yacht not only employs over 60 craftsmen; but also works closely together with world leading companies experienced in all aspects of marine repair and yacht service. We can handle any job, large or small, with fully- equipped carpentry and machine shops, highly- skilled mechanics and electricians and naval architects on our staff. Our family store also offers a full inventory of the finest marine products.



Whether your boat is in need of surface repair or a complete refit, Aganlar Yacht is your refitting solution. With over 50 years of experience in the yachting industry, we offer the best technique and provide new concepts in manufacturing and design. We encourage our clients' thoughts and ideas- from choosing the exact fixtures, décor, and materials to be used. All of these and competitive pricing are what makes us the best choice in yacht refitting.


Boat Maintenance

Located in Bodrum, Turkey; the Aganlar Yacht is equipped to meet all your yacht repair needs. Our staff has vast experience in all types of boat repair, boat refurbishing and yacht services. We offer high quality refinishing, mechanical jobs, engine repair & replacement, electronics installations, stainless steel workshops, furnishing and decoration and paint jobs.



At Aganlar Yachts we offer a truly local or international solution to your yachting needs. Whether from Turkey or to Europe, the U.S.A and Canada, we can fulfill your new or brokerage sales requirements. Our experts and the longest established dealers, our sales and support connections across the Mediterranean will offer you a full service, from berthing to after care, wherever you sail.

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