Car renting

When the tourist comes to the country the first time, they always would like to explore and visit as many places as possible and to learn as much as possible. Unfortunately it is impossible if you travel by a minibus fr om one part of a city to another. Especially in Turkey, wh ere every city is an extraordinary beauty of combination of historical traditions and modern details at the same time.
Rent a car - and you won’t depend on the excursion or bus schedule. We are ready to help you to rent a car - 24 hours a day.


We offer you:
1) economy class car: FIAT ALBEA, HYUNDAİ ERA, RENAULT CLIO, etc.
2) standard class car: FORD FOCUS, Renault Megan, VW GOLF, HONDA CIVIK, etc.
3) premium class car: RANGE ROVER, BMW X5- X6-, MERSEDES S500.
4) luxury class car: MERSEDES VİTO VIP, VW Caravelle VIP, etc.
On the request, we provide you with a professional driver, who will transfer you to the any place in Turkey.

We offer all kind of transfer services as well. Our company provides transfer fr om the airport to the required destination point. Our drivers will pic you up from any place in Turkey and drive you to the designated destination. We also can offer you round trip and one way transfers to and from the designated destination.

Extra: We will gladly help you to rent an ultra-luxury class car as Ferrari and Porch. PORCHE CARRERA 4s, FERRARI f430, LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO, BMV X-6, PORSCHE CAYENNE, RANGE ROVER SPORT - we actually have these cars available for renting.
Terms of car renting
Car renting implies definite terms. The age lim it you are allowed to rent the mini-car is 19 years old, a bigger car — 24 years old, an expensive auto — 27 years old.
Price rates vary, all depends on the type of car and renting period. A wide variety of vehicles is available, one can find an economy vehicle as well as a business class car.
The minimum period of car-renting is one day. If you don’t manage to return car in time, you can call to rental office and they will be obliged to prolong the contract.

If you want to get the best from your trip, you need to be sure of the correctness of insurance registration. Pay attention that the insurance is considered to be invalid if at the moment of car accident you were in the state of alcohol intoxication, under drugs or exceeded speed.
If the car has been damaged in a car accident or for any other reason, after receiving in kaza raporu (report) in police station, please don’t hesitate to contact the company within 2 days to solve the problem.

The cars are delivered to the airport and the districts of the city free of charge.
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