Bodrum Restaurants and Clubs



An amazing world of music awaits for you in the club “MANDALİN”: feel the true beauty of Bodrum’s nights! Best quality service, diverse menu and warmly welcoming atmosphere - everything is especially for you.


Marina Yacht Club

For many years Marina Yacht Club in Bodrum offers its services and live music. Right in the entrance to the port of Bodrum you will find this complex that attracts tourists and local residents by its unique atmosphere.


Kuba Bar

One of the most popular and extraordinary place in Bodrum is Küba Bar. As well as many other bars and clubs in Bodrum, Küba Bar is in a picturesque place – right on the quay halfway to a mooring of Bodrum.


Hadigari club

Hadigari night club is the biggest in Bodrum. It occupies about 5000 square metres and accommodates up to 2000 visitors. While visiting Hadigari, you will get to the atmosphere of luxury, beauty and Turkish magnificence.


Bodrum Club Fink

The night club and Bodrum Club Fink bar is located in the most popular street of Bodrum – Neyzen Tefik caddesi where you wil find atmosphere of fun, relax and placidity. The bar is in the garden where there is one of the oldest buildings of Bodrum dating back to 147.


Vittoria Dream Club

In this restaurant you will be offered Italian cuisine: paste, meat, various sweets – everything that the most exacting visitor may like.


Mavi bar

The jazz cafe at Pashatarlasi street (close to Halikarnas disco) is one of the places where Turkish and foreign yachtsmen prefer to have a rest.


Rock City Bar

In Turkey there will be a place and for fans of fate. All year long for them doors of one of the most popular clubs Rock City Bar are opened.

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