Not far from Bodrum – only 16 kilometers far, there is a settlement called Turgutreis known for its market and magnificent views at Turkish and Greek islands, opening from its coast. In this picturesque area there is a second-large harbor for yachts in Turkey. It is also the perfect for surfing.

The name of the settlement Turgutreis was taken from the name of an outstanding admiral of Ottoman Empire of 16th century Turgut Reis, known in Europe under the name of Dragut. The admiral became famous thanks to participation in a siege of Malta by Turks.

A big advantage of the resort Turgutreis is that it is possible to have a rest here all year round – from the sea the city is surrounded with the islands protecting the city from strong winds and storm, coming from the West.

As well as many other Turkish resorts, Turgutreis will be a good place for those who want to have a comfortable rest in hotels and boarding houses, visiting natural reserves and historical places, and for those who love active pastime – surfing, scuba diving, visiting night clubs, restaurants and bars.

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