The resort Torba is located in the outskirts of Bodrum – 9 kilometers far from Bodrum. Being a small cozy small village, Torba will be a perfect place for the fans of quiet resting far from city chaos and noise. The local nature – green hills, bright beautiful flowers, clean beaches will help you attain full relaxation and separation from the civilization.

In Torba, in spite of its solitariness, there are a lot of bars and restaurants offering local and European cuisines. From a beach you can enjoy unique and inimitable views at the gulf opening from the north-east of peninsula.

The Torba is surrounded with many settlements, rich with historical monuments. For instance, in the outskirts of settlements Jahsi, Derekoi and Dagbelen you can visit antique Byzantian monasteries and stone tombs, and also ruins of ancient settlements. There is also a famous ancient rounded sculpture that was used as a tomb. It was constructed in Torba by lelegs more than 2500 years ago.

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