There is a number of the reasons why resting in the resort of Gumusluk will bring you unforgettable impressions. First, this city was given the status of an archaeological memorial place and consequently constructing and landscape changes in territory of the settlement and its nearest environs are strictly forbidden.

Here you will plunge yourself into atmosphere of ancient times as Gumusluk is situated in a place of a well-known ancient city Mindos which originally was located several kilometers to the south-east from here. One more monument to be visited is the Byzantian church where in present days you can visit the cultural center, ruins of Hellenistic fort on the top of the hill, and also the Roman church and the ancient reservoir for water.

Nevertheless, antique atmosphere of a resort is not a hindrance to active development of tourist infrastructure. Diving, underwater photography, sandy beaches and pure crystal sea, restaurants and bars fascinate the tourists not less than historical places of Gumusluk. No matter what it is - quiet walk on quay or active pastime on a beach –Gumusluk will give you lots of impressions to remember.

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