Golturbuku – behind this word which is difficult to pronounce there is a really beautiful place for summer holidays in Turkey. Being formed in 2001 as a result of reunion of two fishing settlements – Golkoy and Turkbuku – Golturbuku is situated 14 kilometres northward from Bodruma.

The united municipality is located in a place of an ancient city of Karianda Lelegs. Here was born Skilaks – the Greek seafarer who was the first to explore a coastal part of a land in the western part of Indian ocean in the 6th century BC. Golturbuku imbibed historical atmosphere and culture. Archeology devotees can have a walk deep into the hills and visit ruins of Karianda founded about five thousand years ago.

The nature has awarded these settlements-twins with fine beautiful beaches and abundance of seafood in Mandalia gulf. The resort is extremely popular due to its excellent restaurants and fashionable beach clubs. Seafood lovers can enjoy delicate dishes, and also have a chance to try certain dishes in new performance.

In summer gulf bays are full with yachts arriving here from different corners of the world. Many members of Turkish elite come here to have a rest. Golturbuku is the first city of greenery on peninsula. The last seven kilometers of the road from the airport to Golturbuku are in the shadow of pine woods. Then you will see olive and mandarine groves.

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