TAPU – The certificate of property right

According to the Turkish legislation, TAPU is the only document certifying the property rights for the certain property.

In Turkey there is a title system of registration property rights. It means that registration property rights is a prerogative of state authority – Cadastral Authority which gives out ownership certificate TAPU to the new owner. This certificate gives all-time and absolute ownership right that cannot be judicially contested after transacting contract of property purchase.

In case of spoiling or losing TAPU it is easy for restore it in the same cadastral authority. This procedure will take you some minutes and will cost you 5 Turkish liras.

TAPU is the document certifying the property right of the person for specified property.

In TAPU it is described:

1. the address of the ground where the particular property is situated
2. a photo of the owner of a passport format (3 photos are required while registrating) 
3. information on registration of the ground in cadastral authority
4. ground condition (information from cadastral authority)  
5. the area of the ground belonging to the new owner (proportionally to the size of the property)
6. condition of the property belonging to the new owner (ownership/rent) 
7. declared price of the purchased property
8. information on previous owner (owners)
9. information on new owner (owners) 
10. the date of property purchase by the previous owner
11. new serial number of TAPU (it changes at each transfer of property rights)
12. registration data of new TAPU certificate
13. the date of property purchase by the new owner
14. the signature of authorized representative and the stamp of cadastral authority.

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