Popularity rating of real estate in Turkey

Statistics confirm: Turkey is very popular among foreign investors in real estate.Thus, in recent years, their number has increased significantly, the main causes of which are affordable prices and very low cost of execution of the deal.

Especially popular among foreign tourists is the province of Mugla on the Aegean coast - about 5.5 million square meters of real estate belongs to foreigners. Bodrum is included into that province.

Recently published by the Office of the Turkish Land Registry information confirmed the facts that more than 63 million square meters of Turkish property is currently owned by foreigners.

Property in mostly popular among British people - in their possession today it is concentrated totally more than 6 million square meters of housing. Second place is occupied by the Germans, who own approximately 3.5 million square meters - followed by the Greeks with 3 million square meters. Russians are also gradually moving into this market.

For example, the representatives of a British real estate company engaged in overseas property, declare that they have a great pleasure to encourage the desire of British people to invest in property in Turkey, whether it is a finished project or even land. The dynamics of its development, in their opinion, is impressive - the number of foreign property buyers in Turkey increased by almost 30%, with 73,000 customers in 2008 to 104,000 in 2010.

Realtors point out that in such places as Bodrum, Marmaris and others, there is a very highly-developed infrastructure - you can find everything you want - a variety of leisure, amazing beaches, sea, rich countryside and transport - up to international airports. Airlines say that the number of international flights has increased.

Due to the changes in Turkish legislation, gradually the mortgages is becoming available for foreigners. Commercial real estate for rent is also gradually growing - many people want to start a business in Turkey.

Nevertheless, there are things to be aware first of all, buying property in Turkey. In particular, many problems arise at the legal support.

Professional lawyers say that before buying a property it is very important to take a consultation to avoid adverse situations. As they say, some clients come to Turkey only to sign the sales contract without conducting any checkings concerning the integrity of the seller. Buyers should make sure that they are dealing with a professional lawyer who is able to issue a contract under applicable law.

We should note that KOMFORT BODRUM deals only with the professional lawyers, who are always aware of all the innovations in the law and always defend the interests of their clients.

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