Turkish city of Bodrum, located in the northern Gulf Kerme in the Aegean Sea, is a place where you feel comfortable in any season. Bodrum, like the rest of Turkey, attracts tourists in such a positive factor, as the weather.

Bodrum, which climate is Mediterranean, in summer has a more mild weather compared to other cities in the Mediterranean. This is possible because the weather in Bodrum is nfluenced by the cool Aegean Sea, warmer than the Mediterranean Sea.

Thus, a typical summer the weather in Bodrum is a bright sun, warm and comfortable temperature and lack of rains. The average temperature in summer is - 27 ° C. The most "cool" by Turkish standards month is June, when the thermometer may fall to 13-15 ° C. The lowest June temperature in Bodrum was fixed at around 13 ° C.

The hottest summer months are July, August and September, when average daytime temperatures during this period may reach 45 ° C. Sea water temperature on the coast of Bodrum is very pleasant for swimming - in summer it gets warm to 24 ° C.

In winter the weather in Bodrum includes some rains. The average temperature in winter is 11 ° C, the lowest recorded temperature in Bodrum was -5 ° C. The rainy season in Bodrum starts in November and ends in March - during this period it is raining a lot. Most often it rains in December.

As in Russia, the coldest weather in Bodrum falls on January and February. In these months the average temperature at night does not exceed the mark of 8 ° C and the minimal temperature was recorded in January at around -2 ° C in February, -5 ° C. Gradually, starting in March, the thermometer creeps up, and it rains less and less. In March and April there can still be some occasional short rains, but May is already considered to be the beginning of summer. The average temperature in Bodrum in the spring - 16 ° C.

The first half of autumn - the so-called "velvet" season - the most favorable period for a holiday in Bodrum. Sea temperature is kept at 23 ° C, with daytime temperatures averaging 18 ° C.

The weather of the first half of autumn is more conducive to relaxation. Average sea temperature from September to October will not fall below 23 ° C, and the average daily temperature is about 18 ° C.

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