History of Bodrum

Bodrum is the picturesque place in the south-west of Turkey, located between Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea, which enables Bodrum to get the best from each of the seas. The Bodrum peninsula harmoniously combines everything that is necessary for all kinds of rest: spacious beaches, secluded bays with pure water, pine woods, groves with orange and mandarin trees, fine mountains and rocks.

Одно из семи чудес светаThe history of modern Bodrum dates back to 1402. In 377 BC the territory of Western Anatolys was under the power of king Mausolosa who moved the capital of the Greek state Karii from Milasa to Halikarnas (Bodrum). The king surrounded a city with high walls and constructed many palaces, theatres and castles in there. During the king Mausolosa governing Halikarnas reached great prosperity. There was a well-known tomb, constructed by architect Pifei for the king and his wife Artemisii II. This tomb became one of seven miracles of the ancient world. At present days there is a city museum where you will feel historic spirit that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Bodrum, belonging to Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks, Italians and the ioannit-knights who came from Malta, became a part of Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. The castle of Bodrum, or Sacred Peter's medieval castle, is a great example of architecture of 15th century. It has been transformed into the Museum of Underwater Archeology where you can find the exhibits dating to the Bronze age.

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