Аэропорт БодрумаEvery touristic place or resort cannot do without an airport, because it allows you to direct the flow of tens of thousands of tourists in a season. Tourists accustomed to fast and comfortable flights, so the construction of the airport and the organization of charter and scheduled flights is an important point for any city that wishes to become a fame resort.

The most popular among tourists Bodrum received an additional stream of tourists more than ten years ago, when it was built a new international airport and the tourists were able to purchase tickets to Bodrum. Bodrum Airport is quite small in size among the other international airports. The airport is located 36 kilometers far from the city. IATA airport code is BJV. The airport has two terminals, what is convenient during preparing for landing – it will be very difficult to get lost.

Трансфер БодрумаBodrum Airport collaborates with budget airlines, making both domestic and international and transcontinental flights. Therefore, when you buy airline tickets to Bodrum, it will be difficult to splurge. Among the airlines flying to BJV, are the following: Air Berlin, Arkefly, Corendon, easyJet, Jet2, Monarch Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and others. The total number of budget airlines flying to BJV is 12. With the help of these companies you can buy tickets to Bodrum any time you like.

In summer, a lot of charter flights are landing at the airport. Charters in Bodrum is a convenient and fairly economical way to get to the Turkish tourist center. There is a bus service Havas, coursing to downtown from the airport. Tickets cost 17 lire, travel time is 40-45 minutes.

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